Is the SM-G870 Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini?


Okay, this may be a  long shot , so a grain of salt, we recommend ourselves to this already. But it might just be that a device with the model code SM-G870, being tested in India, soon the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini turns out to be.

samsung galaxy s5 mini sm g870a %

In the infamous Indian import database Zauba  dives at least one device with the model code above: SM-G870, G870A-SM or to be exact. The ‘A’ refers again to a provider-specific device variant – in this case the U.S. carrier AT & T.

Further information is still lacking at this time, and becomes the only clue is the estimated value of the equipment. This is roughly two-thirds of other Galaxy S5 variants that pop up in the same database. A brief look at the past shows that Mini variants of top models always popping up with the same value ratio Zauba – as was the case with the Galaxy S4 and S4 Mini.


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